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Custom Applications

Custom Applications

Every company has a process that is unique to its business- after all, it's what makes your business unique. So why not integrate that special process into your line of business applications?

Think it's expensive? Think Again.

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The Cloud

The Cloud

Yes, everyone is talking about it. We've been doing it for decades.

Hosting. Solutions start at $4/month.

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Business Intelligence


You're smart. You run a successful business and you know everything that's going on - Right? Well maybe not, but we have the inexpensive tools to help you really understand what's going on 'under the hood' of that speedster that you call your own. In fact, we'll show you that you already own the licenses to these tools - you just don't know it.

Check this out and Learn how.

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Free Stuff?

These guys have free software to help grow your buisness. If your Microsoft Partner isn't telling you, it's time to switch partners. For the past 25 years our consultants have saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars in licensing costs. It's all about knowing Microsoft intimately and UGM has a direct line to Microsoft resources many don't.

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Featured Video

With so much data being gathered, how can you possibly read all of those reports, let alone understand the nuances?  By gathering the data and matching it against Key Performance Indicators, you can get a quick insight into your organization and pinpoint trouble areas. Then drill into that area and get the detailed reporting that you need to effect a change.

  • Review the Enterprise in a single view.
  • Drill into areas of concerns.
  • Look at the detailed reports that are relevant.

At Google I/O, Artificial Intelligence took center stage. Check out the video. Let's start a conversation @edouarde or dean@ugme.com. Ethical? Scary? About time?