Microsoft 365 for Business

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Microsoft 365 is the productivity cloud that brings together best-in-class Office applications with powerful cloud services, device management, and advanced security.

Engage us to pick the right productivity and security solution for your business. 


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Protect your email and documents with advanced security

ATP Safe Attachments: Provides zero-day protection to safeguard your messaging system, by checking email attachments for malicious content. It routes all messages and attachments that do not have a virus/malware signature to a special environment, and then uses machine learning and analysis techniques to detect malicious intent. If no suspicious activity is found, the message is forwarded to the mailbox. To learn more, see.

ATP Safe Links: Provides time-of-click verification of URLs, for example, in emails messages and Office files. Protection is ongoing and applies across your messaging and Office environment. Links are scanned for each click: safe links remain accessible and malicious links are dynamically blocked. 

ATP for SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams: Protects your organization when users collaborate and share files, by identifying and blocking malicious files in team sites and document libraries.

ATP anti-phishing protection: Detects attempts to impersonate your users and internal or custom domains. It applies machine learning models and advanced impersonation-detection algorithms to avert phishing attacks. 

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